I am so honored to share we will have a new and permanent home in the North Capitol Hill Neighborhood, less than 2 miles from our current location. Some of you may know that many of us small business owners do not own the spaces where we work. This move offers security and many of the same benefits of being in Madison Valley. While we will miss the community we have built, we are thrilled to do the same in our new neighborhood!

We will continue to operate as normal at the Madison Valley location until August 31st, 2019.

We will resume at the new North Capitol Hill location on September 4th, 2019.

Have an appointment on September 4th or later?
Don’t fret! Your appointment will remain as is – same day, same time, same stylist. The only thing that will change is the place!

Just as you’ve come to know, we’ll maintain the same days of operation, Tuesday through Saturday.

Our new location offers free street parking. Please allow extra time for your first visit to familiarize yourself with the neighborhood and find your way.

And the one detail you really need to know…our new address!
1005 E. Miller Street
Seattle, WA 98102

Tuesday   9am – 6pm   |   Wednesday 9am – 6pm   |   Thursday  10am – 8pm | Friday  9am – 6pm   |
Saturday     9am – 5pm

2719 E. Madison street #E Seattle Wa 98112  |  DIRECTIONS   |    T.  206-329-2719